About the Brand

Building a World

We seek to create a world based on comfort, honesty, and integrity. People who wear Waseem Khadra are socially intelligent men who value who they are and at ease with themselves physically and personally. They are impactful and don’t have a passing personality or are just interested in the latest trends. They don’t feel that something fundamental is missing from their lives but are humble and accept others. They accept the vision shaped and modeled by the designer but are ready to inherit it and make it their own. Finally, they want to feel great being a part of something new, allowing them to be the decision-makers in their lives, regardless of what others say.


Valuing the Undervalued

In every society, we find those who are not concerned with how they are perceived by others. A street cleaner or homeless person, people that we never take a second look at, or feel that they are outside the norm, are some of the most practical and inspiring members of our community. If they are too cold, they add on pieces of clothing that bring warmth. If they are too hot, they find fabrics that breathe and add them into their repertoire.
We find value in that nonchalance, the ability to wear what makes one comfortable and meets their needs.

Discovering Authenticity

A person’s identity is shaped by their surroundings; they are an amalgamation of their upbringing, the place and time they live in, and their most deeply held beliefs. They are who they are and love it, no matter what the consequences. Whether it is in the colors they prefer in their clothing, the type of furniture they enjoy, or the music that makes them dance, they represent nothing other than a true version of themselves, a momentary expression of personal preference shaped by an ever-changing collection of experiences.
We embrace individuality and promote an authentic representation of one’s character.

Recognizing Ability

Our perception of the world is shaped by our senses. When we see, hear, or feel something, we process it, judge it, and add it to our growing library of inspiration. For a blind person, they have an additional gift: the power of intuition, to perceive things that nobody else can. Even though they no longer have the use of one of their senses, they hone every other to a degree much greater than the average individual and use that to see another, deeper level of existence.
We acknowledge and advance the insight granted by the power of ability.