When our vision makes its way into the world, we 

Promoting Hospitality

At the core of Islam is the belief that every individual deserves to be respected and treated with hospitality. Nobody goes to bed hungry in this worldview, and guests are elevated to the status of kings. True personal happiness comes from the service of others, and We highlight the virtue of hospitality and the sense of contentment that it brings.

Building Connectivity

The world of today is interconnected, and we are commanded to know one another and develop positive relationships.
Every person is different and has something to offer. Hand-me-down clothes are a perfect example of these connections, as each item comes with a story, a piece of the identity of the person who wore it and showed it to the world.
When we wear something that belonged to another, we recycle it and make it part of ourselves. We then add to it, creating a patchwork of shared experiences. We believe in promoting human connection, recognizing our differences and uniqueness.

Giving Back to the Earth

Nature produces a level of beauty that stands on its own. It requires nothing more than to be what it is. A piece of fruit can be picked right off a tree or vine and eaten, exhibiting a color, taste, feel, and shape that sticks out as distinctive from all other dishes, no matter how complex they might be. Nature is the most basic form of prestige.
We work to constantly give back to the earth and let its natural beauty shine.